The International Space Station:

The (ISS)International Space Station is a modular space station in low earth orbit that involves collabrative multinational participation.

The space station serves as a microgravity laboratory and a testbed for different technologies. It allows us to study the impact of long-term spaceflight to humans as well as various other scientific experiments.

The ISS travels at 17, 500 miles (28,000 km) per hour and circles the Earth every 90 minutes. At this speed the space station orbits the Earth 16 times every 24 hours.

Due to the sun reflecting sunlight against the space station you can see it with your naked eye in the evening so why not have a look above at where the ISS currently is or below for when you can see the ISS in your area.

"The International Space Station is a phenomenal laboratory, an unparalleled test bed for new invention and discovery. Yet I often thought, while silently gazing out the window at Earth, that the actual legacy of humanity's attempts to step into space will be a better understanding of our current planet and how to take care of it."

-Chris Hadfield